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There are two kind user of this site.

  1. Normal user (customers)
  2. Business owner and


These are people who use the site for the purpose of getting information about businesses from any place any time about anything they are looking for. The user only have to have internet access and a computer device like personal computer, smart phone, table or any of any platform only if they have internet browser application to make them access the business directory.

How to browse businesses in this website?

  • When in home page choose a category of business you need, then choose a sub category from all the names of businesses you are in need will appear hence pick a name of a business and you will get full information you need.
  • Also at the top there is a place showing list of items, description and their prices that a business offers.
  • Also in some businesses there is a place showing photo galleries that may include description of a picture shown, the description of a specific picture is seen by pointing(hover) at that picture
  • Also you can search for business name, category, sub category, owner all even any word that is alike in business directory via Search button