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The business directory( is designed to help people to get the business information in a certain place since people sometimes are unaware of the businesses and locations of particular business which makes difficulties when it happens someone is in need of an item(s) or service(s) therefore with people have to visit the website and search for the information they need about any business and get to it no matter he/she is native or foreigner in a place and this will enhance information availability to people and businesses will be boosted since people will be having full information about them.

Mult–Business ( allows various business owners to post their businesses by registering them via Join Us link at the menu bar of every page of this website. Mult-Business allows owners of business(s) to post their businesses by creating account that will give them access to a form which makes the business owner provide several information about his/her business such as business name, description of business or service, mission and vision of the business, Items (pictures of items, description of items, and price of specific item) that are being offered, address, contacts, website of business owner if any, location of a business and anything that he/she is intended to be known to customers.

Mult-Business allows users to browse finding businesses of their choice for free in Tanzania from any place of the world at anytime by using Smartphone, tablets, ipad, laptops, desktop computers or any other device that have got internet service.

Users will have to enter into the website and find what business they want to know about by selecting the category from which a business lie and filter by its subcategory from which he/she will see a bunch business names (companies) that fall under that subcategory hence he/she will have to choose a business and see the contents and services of a specific business thus their services, location, address, contacts, pictures of items in business from which there is a place (Photo Gallery) showing pictures of products and services that are being offered by a business + specific descriptions of products and services uploaded by business owners. These will make easer knowledge of almost everything concerning the products and services offered by businesses and in case of more descriptions from the people in-charge there are phone numbers and emails by which customers will be able to contact the people in-charge directly to get what they want.