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There are two kind user of this site.

  1. Business owner and
  2. Normal user (customers)


This is a person who own a business, company, service or anything that can be posted to the business directory, he/ she will have to create an account via that will give access to business registration page where after login the business owner will have to choose a category of his/her respective business and a sub category then to a page where he/she will be writing all the necessary information to share to customers mainly description of the business/service, items thus pictures of items of the business, description of each item, and their respective price(s). Again there is a place for photo gallery where business owner will be able to post some pictures and little explanation respectively if any.

Steps to post a business?

  • When in a home page, Log in through a Join Us button but if you are not registered then register first.
  • When logged it will take you to a page where you choose the type of your industry/company/business, then choose category of your industry followed by sub-category of business.
  • After step two (ii) then it will take you to a page where you will have write all information about your business that should be seen by customers (users), then post them via "post button" below the page.
  • After posting an optional page that you will be able to add you Items and their particulars will be opened hence you will have to add them items of you business, after that you may post some pictures plus their description at the gallery
  • Then you are done therefore you can log out.